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Celeste Castro, she/her, is an American Mexican, author from small-town, rural Idaho, where most of her stories take place. She grew up with learning disabilities, though she always kept a journal. She has several published books including her most recent, PRIZE MONEY published with Interlude Press, 2021. 

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Celeste Castro, she/her, is an American Mexican, author from small-town, rural Idaho, where most of her stories take place. She grew up with learning disabilities, though she always kept a journal. When she was a young adult, court-ordered volunteer work helped her find her way—community outreach. In 2009, she graduated from Seattle University with a Master of Public Administration. She began writing fiction in 2015. Her writing credits include HOMECOMING, Bella Books, 2017. LEX FILES, Bella Books, 2018. WE’VE GOT THE POWER, Brisk Press, 2018. THE TAKING, Bella Books, 2019, SAVE THE DATE, Bella Books 2021 and PRIZE MONEY, Interlude Press, 2021. 



Prize Money

Genre: Rodeo Romance

Publisher: Interlude Press

Cover Design: Coming soon

Publication Date: May, 2021

Formats: Paperback, E-Book

ISBN:  (print): 978-1-951954-03-1
(epub): 978-1-951954-04-8


Eva Angeles is a professional barrel racer headed for her third world title when a competition mishap throws her in the path of an on-the-loose bull. She is saved from impending disaster by a tall, dark, and handsome bullfighter—a woman. Toma Rozene is an equestrian stuntwoman fresh off the set of a blockbuster film when a family emergency calls her home to help run the family business: rescuing fallen rodeo riders before blustering bulls and bucking broncos trample their dreams. Eva and Toma's shared passions and competitive spirits make friendship easy, but, as their feelings deepen, they must decide if the divergent futures they seek will stand in the way of love.

Praise for Prize Money

"Castro clearly knows her stuff, capturing rodeo culture and the thrill of competition in action-packed scenes. [...] Readers are in for a riveting ride." —Publishers Weekly 


"Sometimes there is nothing better than a slow-burn romance with two main characters that you can believe in who have moments of being vulnerable and indecisive as to the route to take. This is one of those books. It will take you out of yourself and into another world. As a reader you can settle in and just enjoy."—Valden Bush, The Lesbian Review


The Taking

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Bella Books

Cover Design: Sandy Knowles

Publication Date: December 2019

Formats: Paperback, E-Book

ISBN: 978-1642470796


Peachy is on a mission: steal a priceless family heirloom. All is going according to plan until she finds herself teetering on the edge of death. She wakes up in a bizarre world and under the care of a strange woman who can communicate without spoken words. Little does Peachy know that by taking the amulet, she’s enacted a powerful chain of events and roused a deranged being who will stop at nothing to find her and retrieve the amulet.

Praise for The Taking

The Lesbian Review

This is a creative fantasy with great worldbuilding and an intriguing mythology. If you are looking for a unique escape from the everyday, a fantasy with a bit of a different spin, then this book will surely fill that need.

Lex Files

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Bella Books

Cover Design: Sandy Knowles

Publication Date: October 2018

Formats: Paperback, E-Book

ISBN: 978-1642470178


What is terrorizing a nature preserve near a small town in rural Idaho? Half the town believes it’s the Lake Lowell Ghost and the rest are convinced it’s a diabolical beast. With no end in sight, they need help. Enter Special Agent Winifred Ford, FBI. She has an eye for the unexplained and a history with the creature at large. Joining the hunt is State Fish & Wildlife Officer Daya Soto and her partner, Lexy—a specialist in wildlife enforcement who happens to be a Karelian Bear Dog. Can the two women work together when one faces east toward logic and the other faces west toward the realm of impossibility? In an age where science and facts rule, blind trust can be a lot to ask of anyone.

Praise for Lex Files


Catherine Lane’s Reviews - From the title, the Lex Files, you know right from the start that the story is a paranormal romance. I’m a fan of the genre, and with a clear nod to the X-Files series, Castro has big shoes to fill. She doesn’t disappoint. There’s much more to like about this book as well. First off, Castro is a master of dialogue. There is one particular scene where the two leads are interviewing a birdwatching couple that is hilarious, and don’t get me started on how adorable the chapter headings are. “Federal Bitch of Investigation”, for example. The ending, without giving anything away, is completely satisfying. I was afraid that with such a long lead up, it would fall flat. But, no, the resolution works perfectly and even thematically touches on the concerns of the day.



Genre: Lesbian Romance

Publisher: Bella Books

Cover Design: Judith Fellows

Publication Date: April 2017

Formats: Paperback, E-Book

ISBN: 978-159493558


Destiny “Dusty” Del Carmen is a bestselling author and much sought-after speaker. An invitation to speak at an upcoming conference brings Dusty back to her “home” state of Idaho—the one place she swore she would never return to. Dusty does what she does best—smothers the painful memories of her past and picks up the smoking hot bartender at the local lesbian hangout. Professor Morgan West is eager to attend the conference and to meet the famous Destiny Del Carmen. A chance encounter leaves them trapped in a rustic cabin and Dusty has nowhere to run from her past pain—or her present fears. Will this accident of fate finally lead her home?

Praise for Homecoming

Lambda Literary Review

Homecoming is a study in what can happen when a young lesbian is outed and subsequently left without support of family and friends. Castro has given us a good first effort, a romantic story showing us how Dusty and Morgan struggle to overcome their anxieties and their insecurities, making us hopeful for a happy ending with Dusty finally able to return home.