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All Things Hispanecdotes

I thought I'd bring you up to speed on everything going on with Hispanecdotes. For those of you that don't know, Hispanecdotes is on online platform for Latinx writers to share their stories, poetry, and personal essays. I've been on staff with them for a little over a year. I write about my family and random memories from when I was a kid. I write mostly essays and occasionally flash fiction. Each month has a different topic, such as food, siblings, idols. Submissions are always open. If you're interested in writing with us, details are here.

Speaking of, we're currently looking for more staff writers. It's easy to apply. Submit 3 writing samples, 1,000 words max (for each submission) and email them to by 10/31 for consideration. We're an all volunteer organization and can't pay at this time. We have more information at our Facebook page. We are actively looking to pay our writers, we have a gofundme page here.

One cool thing that we did this year was create a print edition of our magazine, called Ascendencia. It's a compilation of prose, poetry, flash fiction and art brought together by 19 Latinx writers and artists. Click here to purchase a copy.

I love writing with Hispanecdotes. I am enjoying getting to know the other writers and learning about their experiences. What I love the most, of course is documenting my reality one story at a time!

Find Hispanecdotes at their website, on Twitter, at Facebook, or contact them here.

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