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An Online Literary Festival Featuring Me!

I'm doing a reading! Join me on April 24 at 3:00 p.m. EST. I'll be reading an excerpt of PALE MOON RISING, my short story included in an Own Voices Anthology, In Our Words: Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Writers with Bold Strokes Books coming in June. I'm participating as part of an online literary festival featuring Bold Strokes Books authors. Full schedule and registration info.

PALE MOON RISING: A group of bird researchers is on assignment in Northern Mexico. Their days involve scaling cliffs, banding birds, and telling stories to pass the time. A morbid tale rings close to home. The story of the Peuchen, a blood-sucking shapeshifter. A healthy dose of paranoia is fun for a while, but it soon borders on lunacy and everyone is at their wit’s end. Pre-order In Our Words here. See you soon!

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