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BIPOC Spotlight at The Lesbian Reviews

In case you missed it, my work was featured at The Lesbian Reviews (TLR) as part of their BIPOC author spotlight program. TLR featured my new release, PRIZE MONEY, which came out this past May with, Interlude Press.

Take a look at my spotlight, which includes praise for my work, reviews, and buy links. In case you didn't know, when you use the links to buy books through the TLR website, TLR gets a small commission. And in case you really didn't know, TLR is a website dedicated to lesbian fiction. Their work relies on advertising, the Amazon affiliate page, and their TLR Champion Program to make all of this happen for writers, and readers. Read more about TLR here.

In addition to my work, TLR also included the following authors through their BIPOC Spotlight:

Huge thanks to The Lesbian Reviews for sharing their platform!

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