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It's been a month since the release of Prize Money and I've been absolutely thrilled with its reception. I'm overjoyed with the positive comments and the support that everyone has shown me. I couldn't have done any of this alone. The following are members of my amazing writing team and individuals who helped make Prize Money possible.

My wife: You've given me more than I deserve. You're a sounding board for ideas, personal counsel who reads my legal work line for line, you're a shoulder to cry on when I'm overwhelmed and so much more. Thank you for supporting my endeavors and encouraging my every whim! I love you.

Readers: Thank you for supporting my work! Thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts in your reviews. I so appreciate your excitement! I hope you see yourselves under the shining lights of an arena because you are all stars to me!

Interlude Press: I am grateful to you for making Prize Money a reality. You are everything I needed and so much more. Thank you for believing in me, investing in me, and guiding me. Thank you for the amazing cover! It's stunning! You all are extra special and I'm grateful to everyone that makes IP a place I can call home.

Gay Rodeo Association of New Mexico & Diane "Craze" Vosseller: Thank you for sharing your experiences and your rodeo and barrel racing stories with me. You gave Prize Money the authenticity it needed.

Cade Haddock Strong: As always, thank you for your pragmatic advice and for all that you did for me from beta reading, blurbing my book, testing my quiz, and being a sounding board on ideas.

Devon Sweeting: I love your special blend of cheerleading and writerly advice as well as your honesty when certain elements felt off. You have wonderful intuition and I so appreciate you sharing it with me!

Genevieve Dallmeyer: Thanks for helping me wrap up the plot points (and there were several!) that went nowhere which helped me focus the story into the pure romance, hot summer read, that it needed to be.

Michael Quevedo: Huge thanks for helping me better understand the craft of writing, helping me hone my dialogue construction skills, better understand pacing, and for taking the time to explain the fine art of grammar.

Tagan Shepard: Thank you for laying it all out for me and for helping me put the finishing touches on Prize Money. Thanks for reading, blurbing, and helping me grow as a writer.

MB Guel: Thanks for the most amazing blurb and for sharing your excitement with your network. I find tremendous joy in knowing that you're a fan!

Beth Castro: OMG, thank you for convincing me to change the title from Clown and Gown! Good call!

Frances: I'm so lucky to have a supportive mother-in-law who reads and supports my work! Thank you for being proud of me.

Emma: The original hard-core, badass! Thank you for your great ideas and for helping me build hype around my work!

Carla Chaves: Mucho mucho gracias por tu ayudame en el primero versions de Prize Money!

Mary Calderon: Muchos gracias por tu guidance on tying all my random Espanol together y for being la ultima perspectivo.

Kay Acker: Thanks for testing my quiz and for sharing your platform to help me reach new readers!

KD Williamson: Thanks for your early review of my book. Your endorsement means the world to me.

Jenny Holiday: You're a wonderful ally to the BIPOC community and to aspiring readers everywhere. I'm grateful to you for taking time from your busy schedule to read and blurb my work!

Mars Lauderbaugh: Thanks for bringing the characters of Prize Money to life and being so patient too!

My beautiful sister: I'll always remember how much fun we had spending time at the corrals with Pony, Cannon Ball, and others I can't remember all their names. I was the one who let the stallion out that one time. I love you! Thank you for supporting everything I do!

A huge thank you from me and the girls of Prize Money. You are the best!

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