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Some Like it Hot at OutWrite2021!

This week is OutWrite 2021, D.C.s annual LGBTQ literary festival happening August 6-8. On Saturday, August 7 at 5:30 p.m. EST, I'm joined by Toni Draper, Tagan Shepard, and K.D. Williamson. We're planning an interactive panel presentation where we’ll be sharing readings from our recent works that span the heat levels of the official Scoville Scale’s Range of Sex & Love, from the sweet Bell Pepper all the way to the Carolina Reaper! Our presentation will include games, giveaways (including our new releases!) and we’re promising an hour of laughter and fun in a sex-positive space. Here's the full lineup, how to join, and where to find Some Like it Hot!

Here's a list of prizes up for grabs during our session:


All of these books can be purchased at the OutWrite 2021 Bookshop page, hosted by Loyalty Bookstores.

One winner will receive an e-book of PRIZE MONEY

Eva Angeles is a professional barrel racer headed for her third world title when a competition mishap throws her in the path of an on-the-loose bull. She is saved from impending disaster by a tall, dark, and handsome bullfighter—a woman. Toma Rozene is an equestrian stuntwoman fresh off the set of a blockbuster film when a family emergency calls her home to help run the family business: rescuing fallen rodeo riders before blustering bulls and bucking broncos trample their dreams. Eva and Toma's shared passions and competitive spirits make friendship easy, but, as their feelings deepen, they must decide if the divergent futures they seek will stand in the way of love.


One winner will receive a code for the audiobook of BIG GIRL PILL

Maya Davis is done hiding. It’s left her empty and out of touch with her family. Now she’s a young woman on a mission: getting rid of residual feelings for her former best friend from college. Her plan is to put herself through a wringer by being in Nina’s upcoming wedding and burning away whatever emotions are left, so she can start anew. Her plan, however, has big holes, and everything she’s been feeling rushes through and leaves her thinking that this was a bad idea.

​Nina Sterling is a work in progress, torn between being two very different things—the person others expect her to be and who she wants to become. For the past couple of years, it’s been easier to give in to her demanding, steamroller of a mother and her pleasant but controlling fiancé, but with Maya’s return for a lengthy stay in town, and encouragement from Nina’s hilarious cousin, seeds of rebellion are sown.

​As Maya and Nina try to patch up the past and get closer, old sparks rekindle, and as they both grow into who they are meant to be, those sparks might just become a fire.


One winner will receive a paperback copy of WILDFIRE

After a difficult breakup, wildland firefighter Jimena Mendoza and university professor Sydney Foster have parted ways, but neither has moved on. When a life threatening accident reunites them, can a love that once burned so bright be rekindled? A story that explores the often out-of-control forces of nature and love.


One winner will receive a signed paperback copy or an ebook of SWIPE RIGHT

Kieran Hall has never been lucky in love. She married her high school sweetheart only to have him leave when she came out as pansexual. Then there was the rebound relationship that turned serious. It wasn’t long before they were out the door, too.

For years Kieran avoided any attempts at finding the next person to break her heart, building a life that was comfortable but lonely. That loneliness finally pushes her to give dating another shot. The only problem is, without freshman homeroom or a chance meeting in a bar, she doesn’t know how to meet someone new.

With the help of her best friend, Penelope, Kieran takes the plunge into the intimidating world of dating apps. It’s just as bad as she knew it would be, but Pen is always there to pick her up and dust her off after another disaster. In fact, hanging out with Pen quickly becomes her main motivation to keep swiping right.

When one of her dates suggests that maybe her dating problems stem from her feelings for her best friend it leads Kieran to wonder, could love have been right there in front of her all along?


But wait, there's more!

Toni’s Spicy Themed Prizes:

Lickalotapuss mug! Be the envy of your staff meetings!

This prize needs no description!

Smut up your fridge with this little box of magnetic magic.

Is there any other way to relieve stress?

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