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Podcast Interview with A Tip of The Tongue!

I had such an amazing and wonderful week because I got to sit down and talk to Rebecca and Caitlin, co-hosts of A Tip of The Tongue Podcast (ATTT)! We talked about Prize Money, the characters, my quiz, small towns, and diversity in publishing. This interview had it all and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my work. My interview is available everywhere you get your podcasts!

Here's a direct link to the ATTT podcast page.

Huge thank you to ATTT for sharing their space and featuring such amazing writers and topics. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Rebecca and Caitlin for using their platform to help elevate voices. This work takes time and energy and I've always been in awe of people who make it a priority. I asked them if they had any advice for others who want to start their own group, podcast, club, or project.

Here's what they said:

Rebecca: "My Advice: Go for it and focus on what you love and not what you think people want. The messiness of learning to do this podcast has been the best part of it. The community is bigger and more diverse than I ever knew. The stories are more complex than anyone assumes. And lifting up any queer story is an act of love and resistance. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to know your co-host even better and the respect and love you have for them will hit levels you can’t measure."

Caitlin: "I love this! I would also add that our relationship has really grown and changed through doing this project together-- you get to see a different side of your friend, and it's fun to have a partner for the weirdness that is putting something out into the world that you've created. Totally echo everything Rebecca said regarding advice!! The moments when we've worried about how we will be viewed or worried about what's popular are when we trip over ourselves. I think the best episodes/ideas have come when we're truly invested and interested."

In case you're wondering, Rebecca and Caitlin met in college, (Caitlin undergrad/Rebecca graduate school) through her (now) wife.

Thanks for reading and for listening to my interview!

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