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Sapphic Reading Challenge 2021

Friends, I am so grateful to Jae for sharing her platform to help woman-loving-woman authors reach more readers and that it's such a wonderful place where readers can find new books. If you didn't know, she's hosting a Sapphic Reading Challenge this year. In 2018 she hosted a book bingo! It was fun. It was gay! We wanted more! She delivered.

The Sapphic Reading Challenge is a year-long event for readers of women-loving women fiction. It kicked off in January and ends December 31, 2021. If you're just finding out about this, don't worry, you can join at any time!

The basic premise is: read as many sapphic books that fit as many of the 50 categories that she's designed, as possible. The list of categories is here. Depending on how many sapphic books you manage to read in 2021, you can earn different badges and book prizes!

Jae posts books recommendations for a new category once a week. My books fit into multiple categories and all my books are own voices and feature latinx or indigenous characters. Jae has officially featured them for the following categories:

  • Homecoming is in “only one bed” and “character is a book lover”

  • Lex Files is in “grumpy and sunshine”

  • Prize Money is in “Character of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than you” (Latinx character) and “animal on the cover”

  • Not included, but I'd like to mention (so it doesn't feel left out!) is my fantasy, The Taking, which fits into the "speculative fiction" category

Thanks for reading!

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