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Writing Round-Up

Here's a round-up of what I've been up to and what people are saying about Prize Money! Huge thank you to Interlude Press, my amazing publisher for helping me, get out there! And an extra special thank you to my readers for supporting my work and sharing in the excitement!

A Midwestern LGBTQIA+ Book a Day for Pride Month a curation of books by Jen. St. Jude with the Chicago Review of Books includes Prize Money! Jen's article is focused on midwestern writers, sense of place and how our stories are shaped by home. This resonates with me tremendously as the majority of my books are set in my hometown of Caldwell, Idaho. Yes, I am not a native midwesterner, buy my wife is and I now after living in Chicago going on three years I get the pride that comes with calling the midwest home. Huge thank you to Jen for reaching out to me earlier this year and for welcome me to the area which has made me feel included!

The latest in Romanclandia! Jess and Trisha, When in Romance, "dive into the world of romance between women, discussing the current publishing landscape and recommending some titles you should check out." Listen to the podcast, Succession But With Cowboys over at Book Riot and what they have to say about Prize Money!

I moderated a panel for Pride Book Fest an independent book festival to celebrate LGBTQ+ authors, books, and voices! 5 authors from across the globe met to talk about our anthology, In Our Words: Queer Stories from BIPOC Writers which is a collection of short stories at the intersection of racial and queer identity. We discussed our stories, writing in a pandemic, and changes we'd like to see in the publishing to make it more inclusive.

I went between the covers of Prize Money with A Tip of The Tongue, hosts, Caitlin and Rebecca. We talked about my characters, representation, and being small-town proud! Listen to my interview here, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

For Edelweiss Book Fest, I recorded a panel presentation moderated by Candy Miller, co-owner of Interlude Press (IP) with IP authors Lilah Suzanne and debut author Toni Draper! We talked about romance, the world of women loving women fiction, and hard working women, as our books touch on all these themes. I'm also so thrilled that my publisher nominated PRIZE MONEY as their top pick for this event!

"These new romance books by LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC authors have been nominated by editors as their top picks! In this session, the editors and authors behind these highly anticipated titles share why these books belong on your shelf. The goal of this Editors’ Picks series is to amplify under-supported voices in publishing while helping you find your next great read."

Finally! I did my first ever poetry reading with Hispanecdotes on June 4 with other Latinx poets, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Leslie Contreras Schwartz, Suzi F. Garcia, and Darrel Alejandro Holnes, along with our amazing Hispanecdotes Staff Writers. Stay tuned for the recording! I'd love feedback. PS it wasn't scary at all!

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