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An Anthology of First Kisses, free e-book!

I am incredibly excited to have an excerpt from my recently released rodeo romance, PRIZE MONEY included in an anthology of first kisses. And it's free to download! Huge thanks to Jae for organizing such a legendary, first of its kind, anthology!

"A while ago, a member of my Facebook group for readers joked that she could easily read an entire book filled with just first kisses. And I thought: why not? First kisses definitely deserve a book of their own. So I invited my fellow authors to send me their favorite first-kiss scenes from one of their books and put together this anthology, filled with 55 excerpts featuring first kisses." -Jae

55 authors shared an excerpt from their published books and feature a hot, tender, earth-shattering, life-altering, kaleidoscope inducing, first kiss, including the following:

A.L. Brooks, A.L. Lester, Anne Hagan, Aurora Rey, Ava Freeman, Bryce Oakley, Cara Malone, Celeste Castro, Cheyenne Blue, Chris Zett, Cindy Rizzo, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Clare Ashton, Clare Lydon, Donna Jay, E.J. Noyes, Elizabeth Andre, Erica Lee, Faith Prize, Fiona Zedde, Harper Bliss, Jae, Jamey Moody, Jenn Matthews, Jess Lea, Johana Gaves, Kay Acker, KC Luck, KG MacGregor, Kim Pritekel, KJ, Laina Villeneuve, Lee Winter, Lily Seabrooke, Lola Keeley, Lucy Bexley, Lynn Galli, Max Ellendale, Milena McKay, Miranda MacLeod, MJ Duncan, Nikki Harmon, Patty Schramm, Quinn Ivins, Rachel Lacey, Rae D. Magdon, Scarlett Knight, Serena J. Bishop, Stephanie Shea, Susan X. Meagher, Suzie Carr, T.B. Markinson, TJ Dallas, and Violet Morley.

If you like what you read, support our work by purchasing our books! Buy links are included in the e-book so what are you waiting for? Thank you and happy reading!

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