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Welcome, New Friends!

Earlier this month I participated in Jae's, International Give Something Away, Sapphic edition drawing where 45 lucky people won Sapphic literary prizes including my new release, PRIZE MONEY! This giveaway included an opportunity for people to subscribe to Writer Celeste updates. Huge thank you for your interest and welcome!

As a new subscriber, you'll get an email whenever I publish a blog post. I publish a couple of posts a month, more when I have events. Here's what I've been up to this past year.

New to my work? Don't know me? Here's a little more about who I am and what I write.


I'm a sassy Latina from small-town, rural Idaho USA, where most of my stories take place. I've published four novels, my latest PRIZE MONEY, my rodeo romance, staring rural queers! was published with Interlude Press this past May. If you haven't already taken my How Rodeo Are You Quiz, do so now and find out if you have what it takes to make it in the rodeo! Also, really proud of the art and have to show it off every chance I get!

I also published a couple of short stories earlier this year PALE MOON RISING is featured in, In Our Words: Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Writers with Bold Strokes Books. QUEEN FOR A DAY is included in a wedding-themed anthology, SAVE THE DATE: A Romantic Anthology with Bella Books. More info and background on these short stories are here.

I got my start in writing with Bella Books and wrote HOMECOMING (sweet romance) in 2017, LEX FILES (paranormal) in 2018, and THE TAKING (fantasy) in 2019. In addition to fiction, I'm a staff writer and social media manager with Hispanecdotes, an online magazine for Latinx writers where I publish essays and poetry (latinx friends, submissions are always open - write with me!) Please check out the books section of my website where you can find descriptions of all of my work.

Since I've started writing I've become more involved in literary activism and helping make publishing more accessible and inclusive. Earlier this year I crafted a blog post on actions you can take to increase access to books written by BIPOC authors. I also volunteer with Golden Crown Literary Society's Diversity & Inclusion committee and hope to help inspire change through my work.

Thank you again for your interest. Thank you for reading and supporting my work!

Seriously, thank you!

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