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Book Wine Pairings

I love it when the seasons change especially when it's fall! Swap fresh tomatoes, strawberries, and corn for squash of all colors, kales, and root veggies. Pumpkin mash beer takes the place of pilsners and nothing is more satisfying than a full-bodied red wine and a great book to ward off blustery fall days. In the spirit of fall which happens to be my favorite time of the year and reading which is my all time favorite pastime, I've curated a book and wine pairing post featuring my books and some of my favorite wines (and a beer!)

Lex Files and a very good, girl on the label of wine

LEX FILES is a paranormal romance perfect for the Halloween season. This story has lots of twists, turns, and speculation. The best thing about this book is the star, Lexi, a Karelian Bear Dog and a very, very good girl (read about my inspiration for this book over at the Bella Books Media Channel). Lex Files is the perfect mystery paired with a warm blanket, a cozy pet, and a full-bodied Malbec from Spoiled Dog Winery from Whidby Island, WA.

Save the Date and something bubbly

SAVE THE DATE, a wedding-themed anthology, includes my short story, QUEEN FOR A DAY. It features a museum that uses innovative technology—holograms, to recreate the infamous secret wedding of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Naturally, we’ll need something sparkling like this, Gewürztraminer from Treveri Cellers from Wapato, WA

In Our Words and a bottle of Celeste!

IN OUR WORDS, an anthology by queer BIPOC writers features my cryptofiction short story PALE MOON RISING. It's about a group of bird researchers on assignment in Northern Mexico. Their days involve scaling cliffs, banding birds, and telling stories to pass the time. This story pairs perfectly with this bottle of sweet white wine with my name on it because that’s totally random and so was finding the delightful Contessa Wine Cellars in Coloma, MI.

The Taking and this ornate gold tipped bottle!

THE TAKING, my portal fantasy is about a professional con woman, Peachy who steals a family heirloom and wakes up in a bizarre world and under the care of a strange woman and her talking cat. This, strange new world is hella cold and always snowing! This story pairs well with an Englwein, served hot and toasty and tastes like a baked apple which is perfect for winter. It's from Baroness Cellars out of Leavenworth, WA which, sadly is permanently closed like the mystical portal in my book! or is it?

Homecoming is more of a beer book

HOMECOMING is more of a beer book because much of it happens outdoors, in the rugged, mountanous terrain of southern Idaho where beer is queen! Homecoming takes place in a tiny, red A-frame cabin and where my two lead characters become trapped, together. There's isn't much to do but drink and lust after each other. Did I mention there’s only one bed? This double shot pic features craft beer from my local brewery, Une Année | Hubbard's Cave and their Octoberfest Märzen and Le Seul V Kiwi Sour/ Wild.

Prize Money and a blingy bottle of red!

PRIZE MONEY my horse book, my heart book, my story about redemption and reinvention, the twisted and un-directional nature of love and two bad-ass women. It pairs beautifully with Hot to Trot by 14 Hands Winery, from the beautiful Prosser, WA one of my favorite parts of the world. The label is stunning, just like my cover, damn!

And finally, my latest project, FIRST KISSES, an anthology by 55 authors who shared an excerpt from their published books that showcase hot, tender, earth-shattering, life-altering, kaleidoscope inducing, first kisses including the first kiss between Toma and Eva from Prize Money! I'm thinking that by this time, you'all might need a cold drink of water, fresh from Lake Michigan, filtered of course. BTW, this anthology is free! Download your e-book here!

You can learn more about all of my books and order your very own copies over at my webpage. Thanks for reading!

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